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Funn is the property exhibited by things in quizbowl which meet all of the following three conditions:

  • they violate good and/or standard quizbowl practices
  • someone obviously thought that their violation of good and/or standard practices was more than made up for by how fun they are
  • they are not actually fun

Things which are funn include:

  • "Shootouts," lightning rounds, and other departures from Tossup/Bonus format at the collegiate level
  • Most Reach for the Top categories, especially "chain snappers", wherein each question is related to the answer of the previous question (most readers are only able to say 3-4 words before the next question is answered)
  • Bonuses whose answers spell out a sentence when arranged in order
  • Notes appended to questions relating the answer to the location in which the tournament is taking place
  • Questions on haiku written in the form of a haiku, questions on limericks written in the form of a limerick, questions on Memento written backwards, etc.
  • Single-elimination playoffs
  • Tossups on two different things with the same name in the same tournament (e.g., the Hitchock Spellbound and the documentary Spellbound)
  • Chanting things in unison
  • Throwing food products
  • 40-point bonus clues
  • Questions about Quizbowl itself, such as rules, players, tournaments, etc.
  • Every single thing that goes on at VETO

Tournaments run by Charlie Steinhice are often accused of being funn.