Govind Prabhakar

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Govind Prabhakar
Noted subjects History, Current Events, Geography, Generalist
High school Adlai E. Stevenson High School
Middle school Aptakisic
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Govind Prabhakar is an accomplished player from Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois. In middle school, he played for Aptakisic Junior High, where he led them to an IESA state title, as well as JV NHBB small school championship. He also won the MS History Bee as an eighth grader, and made semifinals for JV History Bee and JV US History Bee.

As a freshman, Govind was a dependable history player for Stevenson A as a consistent second or third scorer on a very impressive team. He also was a semi finalist in the JV History Bee and the runner up in the JV US History Bee behind William Golden. The highlights of his accomplishments include the first ever JV triple crown in NHBB history as a sophomore when he won the JV US History Bee, JV History Bee, and led Stevenson to win the JV History Bowl. He also led in scoring Stevenson to an 8th place finish at HSNCT and 6th place finish at PACE as a sophomore. That year, he also finished 4th place in the first ever IPNCT, and finished his season by helping Illinois A to a third consecutive championship at the 2018 NASAT.

That summer, Govind decided to represent Team India at the 2018 International History Olympiad, where he led the team to a first place finish in the JV bowl. In the bee, he finished 2nd place. He accumulated medals in a variety of other events including gold medals at German Military History and Recent History, and multiple others that are too numerous to list out. Due to his bee performance, gold medal on the battery exam, and gold medal in the written exam, Govind was awarded the gold medal for the overall Olympiad.

In his junior year, Govind took the permanent role of captain of the Stevenson A scholastic bowl team. Establishing himself as the clear first scorer for Stevenson at all the tournaments, he was honored with the IHSSBCA All-State First Team award. Govind also had a stellar year in terms of NHBB, winning the Varsity IL State History Bee in a stacked field including amongst other players Ethan Strombeck from Auburn, and finished as a semifinalist at nationals for both the USHB and History Bee. He also lead Stevenson to a 5th place finish in the Varsity Bowl including a stunning win against TJ in which he solo put up over 100 points in the fourth quarter to secure the win and knock TJ out of contention.

Govind can regularly be spotted by his distinct look of headphones on his neck, as well as his trademark black hat, with the words "Chill Out" printed on it.