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Hillcrest High School is a high school in Ottawa, Ontario. The school was probably the most successful Reach for the Top program from Ottawa during the CBC era.

Hillcrest regularly participated in Reach for the Top since the early national broadcasts. Under coach Roger Taguchi starting in the late 1970s, Hillcrest was at its peak. In 1979, they lost the Ontario final to Banting Memorial, who would go on to win the national title. In 1980, a team of John Farant, John Haggerty, Ling Hong-Hung, and Lisa Murray won the Reach national title, defeating Halifax West, Renfrew, and Sir Winston Churchill. In 1982, they lost to Dakota 320-270 in the title match after beating them 370-355 in a preliminary game.

Hillcrest collected five regional titles between 1979 and 1985. The team was active in the local Reach revivals after the CBC cancellation, and played SchoolReach through the 1990s. Hillcrest no longer plays SchoolReach.

Reach for the Top Champion
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Banting Memorial