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The Honda Campus All-Star Challenge (HSASC) is a program for historically black colleges and universities that is operated by the College Bowl Company and sponsored by Honda. The HSASC season culminate on a National Championship Tournament, an annual competition in March that has been held every year since 1990. For the entire duration of College Bowl National Championship Tournament, which ended in 2008, HCASC participants could not play in the College Bowl series due to the recycling of questions between the two events.

The name also refers to a small circuit of tournaments, advertised as "preparatory" HCASC Pre-NCT tournaments, which are run and attended by HCASC programs on questions supplied by College Bowl.

HCASC has infamously had a history of attempting to restrict HCASC teams from the mainstream quizbowl circuit. Until 1996, participants in HCASC were barred by College Bowl from playing in any quizbowl tournaments, on penalty of disqualification from HCASC. From 1996 until fall 1999, College Bowl compromised by allowing HCASC schools to play in "licensed tourmaments". To qualify as a licensed tournament, tournament organizers had to sign a statement acknowledging that College Bowl had a trademark on intercollegiate academic competition. This policy was met with criticism by individuals such as Albert Whited, who referred to the policy as being racist. On the other hand, the policy also had its supporters including, Tom Michael, Chris Sloan, and Hayden Hurst, who either defended the policy outright or condemned Whited for his "intemperate" language. Nonetheless the "licensed tournaments" policy was also repealed before the 1999-2000 academic year.

Since the lifting of the ban, teams such as Morehouse and Langston have ventured to quizbowl tournaments with some success.

The HCASC was televised on BET for several years in the 1990s.

HCASC NCT top finishesr/locations

Year Champion Second Third Fourth Location
1990 West Virginia State Alcorn State Prairie View A&M Morehouse Washington, DC
1991 Florida A&M West Virginia State Morehouse Howard Los Angeles
1992 Norfolk State Langston Texas Southern UDC Los Angeles
1993 Tuskegee Morehouse North Carolina Central Florida A&M Los Angeles
1994 Tuskegee Morehouse Jackson State Xavier Los Angeles
1995 Jackson State Howard Kentucky State Norfolk State Los Angeles
1996 Florida A&M South Carolina State Tuskegee Alabama State Orlando
1997 Alabama State Elizabeth City State North Carolina Central Howard Orlando
1998 Florida A&M Tuskegee Alabama State Oakwood Orlando
1999 Florida A&M Clark-Atlanta Jackson State Norfolk State Washington, DC
2000 Clark-Atlanta Southern Morehouse Norfolk State Orlando
2001 Morehouse Howard Tennessee State Florida A&M Orlando
2002 Morehouse Howard Alabama State Tuskegee Orlando
2003 Florida A&M South Carolina State Alabama A&M Alcorn State Orlando
2004 Morehouse Maryland-Eastern Shore South Carolina State (T-3) Clark-Atlanta (T-3) Orlando
2005 Florida A&M Morehouse Fayetteville State (T-3) Elizabeth City State (T-3) Orlando
2006 Morehouse North Carolina Central Central State (T-3) Clark-Atlanta (T-3) Orlando
2007 Tennessee State Florida A&M UDC Tuskegee Orlando
2008 Oakwood Alcorn State Howard Southern Orlando
2009 Oakwood North Carolina Central Tuskegee Morehouse unknown
2010 Prairie View A&M Mississippi Valley State Fayetteville State North Carolina Central unknown
2011 Florida A&M Oakwood Kentucky State Tuskegee unknown
2012 Morgan State Oakwood Florida A&M Morehouse unknown
2013 Morgan State Florida A&M Oakwood West Virginia State unknown