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Langston University
Langston, OK
Current President or Coach Fisher Davis
Coach = Kyle Gregory
National championships

Langston University is a public university with its main campus located 40 miles north of Oklahoma City. It is the only HBCU (historically black college/university) in Oklahoma and one of the Westernmost.

The Langston University Quiz Bowl team expanded outside of the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge in January 2007. They competed at the Sword Bowl mirror at the University of Oklahoma. Despite some lopsided losses, the team still remained somehow overconfident-receiving the most minus fives. From that point, Langston Quiz Bowl was re-born. Appearing in the Norwegian Blue Juniorbird NAQT tournament at Oklahoma State, Langston may or may not have won the Consolation Bracket Championship, maintaining the tradition of outrageous negatives and partially correct answers. Langston persevered to earn a top five finish at ACF Fall Southwest 2008. They attended a mirror of ACF Regionals in 2011 at Arkansas-Little Rock. They participated in the NAQT Region 11 Sectional in 2012.

Langston hosted the Edwin P. McCabe Scholars Bowl in October 2007, an NAQT tournament won by Oklahoma Bible Academy. The second installment of this tournament was held on September 27, 2008. The second tournament saw an increase from six to seventeen teams, with Edmond Santa Fe defeating Edmond Memorial for the Championship. Timberlake, a school of seventy-five students, defeated Moore for third place. The third tournament was won by Edmond Memorial, with a victory over Oklahoma Bible Academy.

Langston regularly competes on the HCASC circuit and has participated in Sword Bowl, NAQT Norwegian Juniorbird, ACF Fall, and the Golden Hurricane (Illinois Open Mirror) Open. Langston University is participated in the Know Your Heritage Black College Quiz Show, in December 2008, which aired nationwide at various obscure time slots. Langston drew attention from both Twitter and White Nationalist websites for having two White players participating. Langston semi-frequently scrimmages with Oklahoma State.

Kyle Gregory, the re-founder of the team, led Langston to two HCASC playoff appearances after a decade of getting stomped, Langston's first winning season in anything remotely trivia or quizbowl related, and pushed Langston in the direction of participating in more tournaments. Kyle holds the Langston records in scoring, with an astounding 17.5 points per game at ACF Fall and nearly 58 points per game at HCASC. Edwin Bryant, a member of the Langston team in the first year of its rebirth (2007) led Langston to the Sweet Sixteen as President in 2010, in his final year on the team. James Harding Jr. took over as President in 2011 and has helped Langston qualify for the playoffs every year at HCASC and had a solid performance in his first non-HCASC event at ACF Fall 2009. Kyle returned as an adviser in 2013-14.

Langston's highest finish at the HCASC National Championship Tournament was as Runner-up in 1992 on a team featuring Grace Lockridge, who was later inducted into the HCASC Hall-of-Fame.

Television Appearances:

BET (National)-Honda Campus All Star Challenge 1990's

KOCO (local) News-February 2008; team interview on the philosophical impact of a last minute flight change and airline troubles

Fox (National)-January 2009; Know Your Heritage: Black College Quiz Show

Know Your Heritage: Black College Quiz Show featuring Terry Lewis 2013-14

Mind Games, 2013 (semi-finals), 2014

Recent Tournament Finishes

Prairie View Pre-NCT 2007 Spring: 4th Place

Sword Bowl Spring 2007 (Oklahoma): Not last

Norwegian Jr. Bird @ OSU Fall 2007: Consolation Bracket Champions

UMES Pre-NCT 2008: 3rd Place

HCASC Nationals 2008: Sweet Sixteen

ACF Fall 2009 (Oklahoma): 5th Place

Know Your Heritage: Black College Quiz: 2nd Place, top scorer.

Medgar Evers Pre-NCT 2009: first place, three top scorers, tournament M.V.P.

Golden Hurricane Open IV 2009(Tulsa): Ninth Place

Trash Regionals (Tulsa): Not last

HCASC Nationals 2009: Sweet Sixteen

HCASC Nationals 2010: Sweet Sixteen

2011 ACF Regionals Mirror

NAQT SCT 2011-2012