IHSA plagiarism scandal/Email from Ron McGraw to David Reinstein

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On Wednesday, March 13, 2013, Ron McGraw, IHSA Assistant Executive Director in charge of Scholastic Bowl, replied to David Reinstein's email informing McGraw of plagiarized questions in the IHSA scholastic bowl tournament with the following message. For more details, see IHSA plagiarism scandal. The following people were copied on the email: IHSA head editor Sister John Baricevic, New Trier athletic director Randy Oberembt, New Trier activities director and IHSA Scholastic Bowl Advisory Committee member Stacy Kolack, New Trier principal Tim Dohrer, and Reinstein's fellow IHSA proofreader Tom Egan.


Mr. Reinstein,
I received and read your email from 10:14 pm last evening (March 12, 2013). I am writing this so that the recipients (as selected by you in your original email) will be aware of my reaction to your message and to my concerns relative to the delivery and timing of your message. I was immediately offended and disturbed by your accusations and by your poor choice of timing. I fully appreciate your right to have your opinion, however much I may disagree with it. Generally, I cannot control your decisions as to when it is most appropriate to discuss your opinions related to IHSA Scholastic Bowl. However, because I supported your appointment as a member of my IHSA Scholastic Bowl Moderators Team, I do have the right to judge the appropriateness of such decisions as a member of my team.

First, I disagree with your point of view and your opinion regarding the topic you detail in your email. As I stated earlier, you are entitled to your opinion, but others are not required to agree with it. If the Scholastic Bowl Advisory Committee would entertain discussing your concern at our meeting in May, that would be their prerogative. Second, and far more important, I find your timing most concerning. So much so that I am informing you at this time that I will not require your services as a moderator this Thursday and Friday in Peoria at the IHSA Scholastic Bowl Championships. In addition, I will no longer require you services as a member of our team of state series question writers and editors.

It has become my opinion that your personal needs and opinions appear to outweigh the needs and the good of IHSA Scholastic Bowl in general. Posting your concern at this time and in the manner you chose is in no way beneficial to the IHSA Scholastic Bowl Championships. I have a team of moderators that must work together as efficiently as possible. They must by their own choice elect to treat all members of this team with the proper respect. I expect this of all of the people I work with in all of the sports and activities I administer. Choosing to express your concerns relative to the work of Sister John at this time is damaging to my team of moderators. I expect much more than this from all members of this elite team of professionals. I expect common respect be demonstrated by all members of the team of moderators for each other.

I will honor the terms of our contract and send you a check to include your IHSA Scholastic Bowl Moderator’s stipend and anything you are owed relative to the question writing process. This will be mailed today. However, to be clear, I no longer have you scheduled to work at the IHSA Scholastic Bowl Championships this Thursday and Friday.

Ron McGraw
Assistant Executive Director, IHSA