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Illiterature is a any question that attempts to fill the required literature distribution of a packet with things that aren't literature. It may also describe any attempt to perform such action.

Examples would include subverting ACF's 1/1 British Literature by submitting a Harry Potter tossup and a bonus on Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

According to the government of Brazil and Jonathan Magin, Machado de Assis is literature but Paulo Coelho is not.

In high school, this can also refer to using stupid language arts questions about spelling, grammar, or vocabulary in place of real literature. Questions Galore and other bad quizbowl question writing companies are notorious for this, in no small part due to the distributions of several bad state organizations. NAQT is also somewhat fond of the occasional illiterature question in their sets.

See also CLOOS and SCIENCE!.