Internet Charity Tournament

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Internet Charity Tournament (ICT)
Competition season 2020-2021
Head editor(s) n/a
Difficulty CO-Arrabal+
First mirror April 4th/5th, 2020
Announcement link
Packets link
Not to be confused with the NAQT Intercollegiate Championship Tournament.

The Internet Charity Tournament ("ICT") was a charity event organized by Will Alston and Em Gunter that was held on the original date of the 2020 ICT prior to its cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic: April 4th/5th, 2020. Inspired by the format of Festivus, ICT consisted of a large number of shoot-out style packet readings on vanity packets.

Ultimately the event raised $4,465.91 in donations for the CDC Foundation and other charities local to the donors.