Jack Lewis

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Jack Lewis
Current college Middle Tennessee State (2022-)
Past colleges Columbia State (2020), Maryland (2018-2020)
High school Battle Ground (2015-2018)
Middle school Battle Ground (2014)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT
Not to be confused with Jack Lewis of Sacramento County Day, Jack Lewis of Wilde Lake, Jack Lewis of Sheffield (UK), or Jack Lewis of Spectrum.

Jack Lewis is a player for Maryland and formerly Columbia State and Battle Ground. In 2018, he won the inaugural IPNCT; in 2019, he won the DII ICT on Maryland B.


Middle school

Jack played alongside future high school teammates Cameron Clark, Henry Dambach, and Max Dambach, as well as Akash Kurupassery, on the 54th place team at 2014 MSNCT.

High school

Cameron and Jack played with Rachel Arvizu and Matthew Minor at the 2016 HSNCT, where they placed 105th. The next year, Jack, Cameron, Henry Dambach, and Dominick Nesbitt placed 65th at the 2017 HSNCT.

With teammates Cameron, Henry, and Max Dambach, Jack was on the 32nd place Battle Ground team at the 2018 HSNCT. While playing with only Cameron, Jack led Battle Ground to a 16th place finish at that year's NSC.

Jack won the inaugural 2018 IPNCT over Max Shatan. He played alongside Jonathan Caldwell, Sanjay Chakrabarty, and Roisin Flanagan on the 7th place Tennessee Slate Grey team at the 2018 NASAT, where he lost to eventual Maryland teammate Vishwa Shanmugam on Pennsylvania Blue.


A Maryland B team consisting of Jack, Vishwa, Adam Howlett, and Naveen Raman won 2019 DII ICT, handing second place team Chicago D both of their losses in playoffs with a combined margin of 465 points. Jason Shi joined Vishwa and Jack on Maryland B at 2019 ACF Nationals, where they placed t-26th.