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Jackie Wu was a player for Downingtown East and later CMU.

Playing Career

Jackie was the leading scorer on the D-East team and a consistently high individual scorer at Pennsylvania circuit events. She also led D-East to its first-ever HSNCT playoff appearance in 2017.

At CMU, she continued playing and served as an officer in the quizbowl club.

Outreach and Leadership

Jackie played a key role in getting D-East, which had been dominant on the CCIU format for many years and thus focused mostly on non-pyramidal questions, to start attending pyramidal tournaments regularly. She also organized a large invitational tournament at D-East that attracted a number of new teams and advocated for more pyramidal questions and good quizbowl practices to be implemented in the CCIU competition (including a speech to the CCIU board).

She is a member of GPQB and has written a number of articles and wrap-ups for the site, including an article on highlighting quizbowl for college applications.

Benjamin Cooper Young Ambassador Award
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Ankit Aggarwal
Kady Hsu