James Monroe

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James Monroe
Fredericksburg, VA
Club President None
Coaches Bob Blackburn
State Championships VHSL 2005
National Championships None
National Appearances None
Program Status Unknown
School Size 1200

James Monroe High School is located in Fredericksburg, VA.

Jayem's Current Team

Chuhern Hwang, Matt Cameron, Dylan Vasey, James Paulose, Wo Chan, Rebecca Clemo


Jayem's Quizbowl/Academic Quiz Team has been in existence for a while but until the early 21st century was not well developed. Early years consisted of playing at Battle of the Brains and losing in early rounds. However, with the introduction of the VHSL format, James Monroe became much more successful, winning VHSL Regionals for Region A twice and VHSL States Division A in 2005. James Monroe's team has been characterized by a lack of an enthusiastic coach, although the team's players wish to move on to bigger things.