Joey Montoya

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Joseph Montoya
Noted Subjects:
Classical Music, Arby's
Current Collegiate Team Stanford University (2010-)
Past Collegiate Teams University of South Carolina (2005-2010)
High School Team Summerville High School (2001-2005)
Middle School Team None

Joey Montoya is a collegiate quiz bowl player formerly of the University of South Carolina's school of Chemical Engineering, who began his career in the spring of his freshman year at a UNC tournament. He now attends Stanford.

Joey won a 2007 Goldwater Scholarship. In the University of South Carolina's official announcement of that achievement, the school noted that Joey "...was on the Academic Team competing at the American Chemical Federation Fall Quizbowl Tournament."

In quizbowl, he is notorious for terrible early buzzes, particularly in the areas of history and geography, and famously identified the creator of the Muppets as Frank Oz at the ACF Fall Tournament in 2007.