John Nam

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John Nam
Noted Subjects:
Current Collegiate Team None
Past Collegiate Teams Maryland
High School Team Unknown
Middle School Team None

John Nam was once a quizbowl player for Maryland. He is probably best known for founding ACF along with Carol Guthrie and Ramesh Kannappan, for playing quizbowl for a really, really long time.

The Maryland Members and Alumni Page contains the following information about John Nam:

"One of the three founders of ACF (along with Carol Guthrie and Ramesh), John was playing quiz bowl for Maryland when this year's freshmen were still crawling. He has some unfortunate habits, among them a gambling problem and an unequalled propensity for trash talk. In fact, John boasts that it was his trash talk that led Ramesh to study and become good. Sometimes this trash talk is crude, as in this example from a euchre game at Michelle's place: "You suck a lot, Colvin. I'm going to make you my woman." Sometimes it is foolhardy, as in this example from halftime when John was up 15 points against an unnamed team at Maryland Masters: "Ha! See? We're going to treat you like the bitch-dogs that you are!" The other team proceeded to answer 9 of the last 10 tossups."