Jonathan Leidenheimer

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Jonathan Leidenheimer
Noted Subjects:
History, Geography, Current Events, the Central Bank of Kyrgyzstan
Current Collegiate Team William and Mary (2014-Present)
Past Collegiate Teams None
High School Team Thomas Jefferson (2010-2011) Marshall (2011-2014)
Middle School Team Longfellow (2008-2010)

Jonathan Leidenheimer is a current player for William and Mary. He is also a Longfellow alumnus who played for Marshall from 2011-2014 and played for Thomas Jefferson from 2010-2011. He led the Longfellow team to two Junior NAC championships, winning the MVP award each time, and a win at the 2010 Barrington Invitational, perhaps the first time a middle school team ever traveled halfway across the country to play good quizbowl.