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A high school tournament hosted annually in late spring from 1981 to 2000 by Lebanon Valley College of Annville, Pennsylvania.

Written and staffed by the college faculty, the tournament featured 20-minute timed rounds of tossup-bonus format in the playoffs. The prelims seem to have been determined by a test with up to 500 questions worth different points values based on difficulty that eliminated teams after each round and determined who made the playoffs. The semifinals were lengthened to 25 minutes at some point, and the finals to 30. Both featured additional audio tossups, primarily foreign languages.

The tournament's demise has been attributed to the inability to find sufficient volunteer staff. At some point, the local Congressman moderated the finals. At its height, 72 teams from across Pennsylvania competed.



US history 2

European history, non-western history, geography 2

economics, business, psychology, sociology 1

politics, government, current events 1


American literature 2

world literature, language, grammar, 2

art, music, foreign culture, philosophy, religion 1


biology 1-2

chemistry 1-2

physics, geology, astronomy 1-2

math (including arithmetic, geometry, algebra, calculus, trigonometry, computer science) 1-2


"not specifically subdivided, but we try not to include two questions from the same subcategory in the same round."

popular music, sports, television, movies, agriculture, home economics, Pennsylvania, weights and measures, pop culture


A story on the 2000 edition


Year Champion Runner-up
1981 Carlisle
1982 Carlisle
1983 Cedar Cliff
1984 Cedar Cliff
1985 Cedar Cliff
1986 Cedar Crest
1987 Cedar Crest
1988 Cumberland Valley
1989 Carlisle
1990 Mechanicsburg
1991 Susquehanna Township
1992 Manheim Township
1993 Manheim Township
1994 Harrisburg Academy Manheim Township
1995 Manheim Township Cumberland Valley
1996 Manheim Township Hershey
1997 Manheim Township West Chester East
1998 Manheim Township State College
1999 Lancaster Mennonite Blue Mountain
2000 Lancaster Catholic Manheim Township