Mahoning County Career and Technical Center

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Mahoning County Career and Technical Center
Canfield, Ohio
Coaches Maureen Gasca
Tom Slaven
State championships
National championships

Otherwise known as the MCCTC, this vocational school in Canfield, Ohio serves many of the districts whose high schools are part of the Mahoning County Quizbowl League. Having hosted the county tournament for many years, the school joined the League in 2006. The team has some unique obstacles to overcome - only juniors and seniors may attend the school - but in 2007, things improved dramatically. The team was five points away from a top six finish at the 2007 county tournament, and their captain, Luke Lenz, finished as the eighth highest scorer in the League and became the first All-County First Team selection in school history. The team is currently the only one in the county with co-head coaches, Maureen Gasca and Tom Slaven.