Max Gedajlovic

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Max Gedajlovic
Current college UBC (2019- )
High school University Hill (2017-2019)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Max "The Spider" Gedajlovic is a player for UBC.

High School

Max attended University Hill High School in Vancouver, British Columbia. Max led their Reach For the Top team from 2017-2019, culminating in a 6th place finish at Nationals in 2019. Max head-wrote the 2019 UBC Reach Tournament, which was mirrored in Toronto and Ottawa. Max played one quizbowl tournament in high school, which was hosted by UBC.


Max is currently a player for UBC, and was on their T-9 finish at the 2022 ICT. On the writing side, Max was an editor for 2023 Canadian Novice.


Max was awarded the title of FIDE International Master in 2022.