Mik Larsen

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Mik Larsen
Mik epic.jpg
Noted Subjects:
History, Classics, NES
Current Collegiate Team UCLA (2008-)
Past Collegiate Teams University of Southern California (2003-2008)
High School Team North Valley High School (1999-2003)
Middle School Team None

Mik Larsen is a longtime Quizbowl player and former President of the Quizbowl club at the University of Southern California. He has been editor of the much-maligned yet sometimes-praised Ghetto Warz tournament since its inception. Brings audio packets wherever he goes.

He is currently studying ancient history at UCLA.

Notable achievements include various top-ten individual scorer prizes, and being on the USC team that took second at CBI Nationals 2007.

According to Kenneth Lan, he bears a striking resemblance to Andy Watkins.