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The NAQT China Championships were begun in 2021 by NAQT, in collaboration with Chinese education company SKT. To qualify for the Chinese final, players must play and perform well in the NAQT China Qualification Tournament. The tournament has two divisions: "pre" and "pro."

2022 Result

In the pre-division, Shanghai High School International Division beat Beanstalk International Bilingual School to receive the championship title. In the pro-division, Tsinglan School won the final match against Jinan Foreign Language School.


The NAQT China tournament does not publish specific statistics for individual players. Also, the unreasonable pricing made the tournament controversial. In 2022, the fee for China Championships was 3980 RMB per person, which is about 570 dollars per person, or 2280 dollars per team, assuming a one-to-seven RMB to USD exchange ratio. Also, the tournament's playoff uses a single-elimination system.