NAQT Northern California State Championship

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The NAQT Northern California Championship is a qualifier for the HSNCT, held annually since 2004. It is held on a IS set each year. Prior to 2004, a tournament combining the entirety of the state of California was held.


Year Host Number of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
2004 De La Salle 15 Mission San Jose Bentley A Results needed Results needed
2005 Stanford 13 Results needed Results needed Results needed Results needed
2006 Berkeley 12 Monta Vista Bentley A Mission San Jose San Mateo A
2007 Menlo 16 Bentley A Henry M. Gunn A Harker B (tie) Mills (tie)
2008 Bentley 11 Bellarmine Mission San Jose A Miramonte Bentley
2009 Stanford 20 Mission San Jose A Bellarmine B Mission San Jose B Berkeley High
2010 Berkeley 6 Mission San Jose A San Mateo Berkeley High B Berkeley High A
2011 Stanford 7 Bellarmine A Mission San Jose A Bellarmine B Mills
2012 Berkeley 10 Bellarmine A Bellarmine C Harker Crystal Springs Uplands
2013 Berkeley 15 Escobar A Bellarmine A Bellarmine C (tie) Menlo (tie)
2014 Berkeley 20 Bellarmine A Homestead A Bellarmine B Menlo
2015 Berkeley 24 Saratoga Haarlem A Davis A Escobar A
2016 Berkeley 32 Davis A Homestead A Escobar A Amador Valley A
2017 Berkeley 41 Harker A Homestead Bellarmine A (tie) Davis A (tie)
2018 Stanford 30 Crystal Springs Uplands Homestead A Mission San Jose A (tie) Harker A (tie)