NAQT Ontario Provincial Championship

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The NAQT Ontario Provincial Championship is a high school tournament. It is run every spring by the ONQBA. It is played on an NAQT IS set modified to include more questions about Canada.

Year Set Location Champion Runner-Up Third Place Top Scorer 2nd Top Scorer 3rd Top Scorer Field Size Stats
2010 IS 93A Guelph Lisgar A UTS Woburn A Sam Challen, Westdale Michael Olijnyk, UTS Patrick Liao, Lisgar A 21 [1]
2011 IS 105 Guelph Lisgar A Bell Centennial B Daniel Carter, Centennial B Harry Rusnok, Lisgar A Joe Su, Lisgar A 10 [2]
2012 IS 116 Guelph Lisgar Woburn B Westmount A Sam Challen, Westdale Cooper Albertson-Webb, Centennial Joe Su, Lisgar 12 [3]
2013 IS 126 Queen's Lisgar A Colonel By B Colonel By A Ted Gan, Colonel By A Cameron Amini, Colonel By B Akhil Garg, Lisgar 6 [4]
2014 IS 136 McMaster Colonel By Bell Lisgar Cameron Amini, Colonel By Gavin Gao, Waterloo CI A Andreas Loken, Lisgar 12 [5]
2015 IS 146 Lisgar Colonel By A Lisgar A Bell Tommy Power, Bell Cameron Amini, Colonel By A Ali Yasin, Merivale B 11 [6]
2016 IS 156 Toronto Lisgar Merivale Bayview A Jacky Li, Woburn Kelly Yu, Bayview A Sheena Li, Lisgar 9 [7]
2018 IS 174 Toronto UTS A Westmount UTS B Gareth Thorlakson, UTS A Oliver Weizel, UTS B Tony Chen, Bayview 8 [8]
2019 IS 183 Carleton Glebe Lisgar A Bell Kevin Fan, Bell Matthew McGoey, Lisgar B Lucas Smith, Toronto Montessori 11 [9]