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Toronto, ON
Current President or Coach Meghan Torchia
National championships none

The University of Toronto is a public university in Toronto, Ontario. It is the largest university in Canada by enrollment, and has nearly three times the number of postgraduate students as any other Ontario university. Toronto's quizbowl team has been active since the early 2000s, and has had the most recent success of all Canadian programs. Teams from Toronto have won every ACF and NAQT (Division I) event held in Ontario (which they have played in) in the last three years, and have also performed credibly in the Midwest Circuit of the US with top-4 finishes at ACF Winter '09 (at Ann Arbor) and ACF Regionals '09 (at Chicago). As of 2010, the University of Toronto "A" team has not lost an NAQT Sectional game since 2007. At the 2010 ICT, held in Chicago, Toronto's "A" team finished 6th overall, compiling a perfect record in the preliminary rounds.


There was a semi-active club at St. Michael's College at U of T circa 2000. As Luke Chao wrote, upon not being able to find a Toronto club:

"I off-handedly lamented my condition on a web-based message board, and forgot about it quickly. A year and a half later, Adam Bishop from UWO read my post, e-mailed me, and told me that St. Mike's had a team. It was at the end of the school year then, but I e-mailed them and they said the club wasn't going to continue since the executives were all going to graduate."

The club was refounded in 2002 by Luke and Hamilton-area Reach for the Top acquaintances. They were joined by Rico Catibog, formerly of Waterloo, who brought with him buzzers and question packets, and Bobby Hsu, formerly of Queen's. Luke was succeeded by Jeremy Weiss, Eric Smith, and Jason Dickson.

In 2004 there was a separate club founded by Engineering students, but they do not seem to have attended any tournaments and may no longer exist.



In 2004 Toronto won the VETO mirror and the Trans-Canada Championship Match and won Ontario Bowl. In 2005 Toronto won the Ottawa Hybrid Tournament, and Bobby Hsu, playing with members of Brock, won Ontario Bowl. In 2006 Toronto won the VETO mirror. In 2007 Toronto won both Division I and II at the NAQT Canada East sectional, and tied for first place at the Ottawa Hybrid Tournament.


NAQT SCT at Carleton University (stats)

  • (DI) 1st Place (Eric Smith, Tim Mikkelsen, Johnathan English, Chris Lionel, Stephen Lalonde)
  • (DII) 1st Place (Alex Darling, Jason Dickson, Jessica Pilkington, Morgan Ring)
  • (DII) 12th Place (Jim Hutchinson, Maris Rowe-McCulloch)

Ottawa Hybrid Tournament at the University of Western Ontario (stats)

  • 1st place (Chris Lionel, Jason Dickson, Johnathan English, Alex Darling, Lara)
  • 2nd place (Jessia Pilkington, Maris Rowe-McCulloch, Jim Hutchinson, Miran Terzic)

NAQT ICT at Washington Univeristy at St. Louis (stats)

  • (DI) 20th place (Eric Smith, Tim Mikkelsen, Johnathan English, Chris Lionel, Stephen Lalonde)
  • (DII) 17th place (Alex Darling, Jason Dickson, Jessica Pilkington, Morgan Ring)

VETO at the University of Toronto (stats)

  • 1st place (Eric Smith, Adam Bishop, Chris Lionel, Jason Dickson)


ACF Fall at McMaster University (stats)

  • 1st place (Jason Dickson, Alex Darling, Miran Terzic, Chris Lionel)
  • 3rd place (Tim Mikkelsen, Jessica Pilkington, Belle Song, Jim Hutchinson)

ACF Winter at the University of Michigan (stats)

  • 4th place (Jason Dickson, Peter Burton, Chris Lionel, Eric Smith)
  • 15th place (Alex Darlin, Miran Terzic, Jessica Pilkington, Michelle Stella)

ACF Regionals at The University of Chicago (stats)

  • 3rd place (Jason Dickson, Peter Burton, Chris Lionel, Zarya Cynader)

NAQT SCT at Sir Wilfrid Laurier University (stats)

  • (DI) 1st Place (Jason Dickson, Peter Burton, Chris Lionel, Eric Smith)
  • (DI) 2nd Place (Alex Darling, Sinan Ulusoy, Johnathan English, Tim Mikkelsen, Jessica Pilkington)
  • (DII) 2nd Place (Miran Terzic, Muna Mire, Jim Hutchinson, Maris Rowe-McCulloch)

Ottawa Hybrid Tournament at the University of Guelph (stats)

  • 2nd place (Jessica Pilkington, Alex Darling, Maris Rowe-McCulloch, Jim Hutchinson)
  • 3rd place (Eric Smith, Miran Terzic, Zarya Cynader, Bobby Hsu)
  • 5th place (Muna Mire, Michelle Stella, Stephen Lalonde, Chris Lionel)

NAQT ICT at Dallas, TX (stats)

  • (DI) 17th place (Jason Dickson, Peter Burton, Chris Lionel, Eric Smith)

VETO at McMaster

Hosted Tournaments

Current Members

Former Members

  • Jordan Palmer
  • Eric Smith
  • Jay Misuk
  • Eric Monkman
  • Jason Dickson (Fearless Leader and ACF crusader)
  • Sinan Ulusoy
  • Alex Darling
  • Johnathan English
  • Bobby Hsu
  • Jim Hutchinson
  • Stephen Lalonde
  • Tim Mikkelsen
  • Maris Rowe-McCulloch
  • Zhan Zhou
  • Jeremy Benderoff
  • Emma Brooks
  • Peter Burton
  • Zarya Cynader
  • Chris Lionel
  • Muna Mire
  • Colin Morris
  • Jessica Pilkington
  • Belle Song
  • Michelle Stella
  • Miran Terzic
  • Meraj Zafar
  • Bosco Leung
  • Jessica Li
  • Michael Wainberg
  • Harry Rusnock
  • Cooper Albertson-Webb
  • Sunanthan Sivakumar
  • Jordan McKay-Hoffman
  • Sam Ettinger