Nathan Freeburg

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Nathan Freeburg
Noted subjects negging
Current college ????
Past colleges Marquette (1999), St. Thomas (2000-2001), Florida State (2002), CUNY (2004), New School (2006-2008)
High school ????
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Nathan Freeburg is for some reason not the namesake of the Westbrook Method, which he has exemplified and made famous throughout his career. At his first recorded tournament appearance, playing for Marquette, he put up a dynamic 5-29-33 line (source). His negs are the stuff of legend; they are even more so because they all stem from his immense burden of knowledge. He doesn't think The Palm Frond is quizbowl-worthy.

He is the only person on record to get his NAQT team disqualified for attempting to play Division II as a grad student. He later attempted to play at NAQT Sectionals as "The Gotham Writers Project," making him the only person on record to try and fail to meet the extremely loose eligibility rules of collegiate quizbowl.

At the 2001 NAQT Sectionals held at Iowa, Freeburg had the most amazing individual stats line in history, going 41/76/74 and lowering his PPG by 26 through negs.

Freeburg was enrolled at a succession of colleges from ages 15 to 32 without cessation, including during periods when he was practicing as an attorney. He then disappeared from collegiate quizbowl and resurfaced in the news as a member of the U.S. Army.