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The National Quizbowl Conference (or NQC for short) is a free online conference run by Qwiz meant "for those of us who love academic competition to come together, share ideas, and grow the game."

Inaugural NQC

The first NQC was held on February 27, 2021 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The theme was "Moving Quizbowl Forward".

2021 NQC Program
Speaker Affiliation Title Abstract
Bill Blanchong Evergreen High School (OH) Growing Your Program Into a Consistent Power Don’t be the Chumbawamba of Quizbowl teams! Learn how to build a strong pipeline for your program and avoid the one-hit wonder syndrome.
Ken Romeo & Andrew Turriago Middlesex Middle School (CT) Untapped Resources: Overlooked Ways to Build Your Program Learn how to find the people in your school and community who can help your program, and how to get them involved!
Joshua Lian & Kevin Zhang Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology (VA) Using Electronic Scoresheets for Tournaments Good tournaments are all about efficiency and organization. Learn how a tool developed by the TJHS quizbowl team can help you quickly and accurately score your events.
Chris Chiego Monterey (CA) Expanding Quizbowl in Your Community: How to do Outreach Well Frustrated with limited competition in your area? Wondering how to get other schools involved in your passion? Learn what steps you can take to grow the quizbowl world!
Adam Escandell LASA (TX) How to be a History Player History is a huge category to cover. Learn where to get started and how to approach studying this gigantic field without losing your mind!
Amber Nasson Ludington High School (MI) Building a Successful High School Quizbowl Program What does a successful program look like? What do practices look like? What can you expect from your players? Learn about the operation of a strong high school team.
Dr. Tim Rees Erskine College (SC) Quizbowl Scholarships You enjoy the competition provided by Quizbowl tournaments. You are looking for college options. What if we said you could combine those two desires and turn it into a sizable scholarship (up to $30,000 per year) to attend Erskine College? Join Dr. Tim Rees to discuss more about this opportunity!
Bing Bingham Wright State University (OH) How to be a Literature Player Want to be a literature player, but uncertain how to even begin? Learn how to take on literature, from where to start to developing your game.
Anthony Cornish Detroit Catholic Central (MI) From State to Nationals: Making the Jump You’ve become a state power, but now what? Insights into how to take your team up to the next level of play - national tournaments!
Ben Kirk Ithaca High School (NY) Strive for 45: Strategies to Coach Your Team to Quizbowl Victory Coaches aren’t just for registering teams and keeping score! Learn more about how to make a difference in your team’s play through coaching and strategy.
Lisa McClary Columbia Independent School (MO) Middle School Fine Arts 101 Are you looking for a start in playing Fine Arts, but unsure where to begin? Here’s the session for you! (This presentation is targeted to middle school players and coaches.)
Fred Morlan IQBT (KY) Rankings: The Pros, the Cons, and How One Guy Made the Quizbowl World Angry How are rankings compiled? What are they used for? Do they really mean anything? Learn the ins and outs of quizbowl ranking systems.
Robin Richards Commerce High School (GA) Tournament Hosting: Dos, Don’ts, and Musts Tournament hosting is a backbone of fundraising for programs and important to the health and well-being of your circuit. Learn how you can make your tournaments successes!

The first NQC was sponsored by Erskine College.

2nd NQC

The second NQC will be held on February 5, 2022. Its program is available here.