Oklahoma Early Fall Tournament

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The Oklahoma Early Fall Tournament (OUEFT) is an early-season high school tournament hosted by the University of Oklahoma using NAQT A-sets. The tournament is usually the first event of the year in Oklahoma, and typically attracts a relatively large field due to its accessible difficulty. The first iteration was held in 2016.


Year Champion Second Third Fourth Set
2016 Edmond Memorial A Norman B Jenks Drummond IS-157A
2017 Norman North A Edmond Memorial A Norman A Stillwater A IS-167A
2018 Norman North C Bridge Creek Norman North B Stillwater A IS-176A
2019 Norman North A Norman North B Edmond Memorial A Stillwater A IS-185A
2020* Edmond North B Norman North A Ottawa Hills (OH) Stillwater IS-196A
2021 Edmond Memorial A Coalgate OSSM A Edmond North IS-203A
2022 Yukon A Edmond Memorial Coalgate A Norman North A IS-212A
2023 Yukon A Classen Morris A Edmond Memorial IS-221A

* = Tournament was held online due to the COVID-19 Pandemic