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The Online Skype Practice League, or OSPL, was run by National History Bee and Bowl on weekday evenings as a chance for high school students to get additional practice or play matches against other kids from across the country. Throughout its run, it was criticized for many reasons, including the frequent presence of superteams/incredibly strong combinations of players, the use of cleared question sets that players could have heard already (or even find mid-round to cheat), the treatment of victory online as an accomplishment akin to tournament victories, and the use of inappropriately difficult sets such as FICHTE 2 when high school sets weren't available.

Evidence implies that the Online Skype Practice League was quietly discontinued midway through the 2012-13 school year, its second year of existence.

Partial Standings

League Winners Runners-up Set
2011 OSPL1 Nolan Winkler, Eamon Thomasson, Jason Fern Tristan Willey, Do Won Kim, Sam Deutsch, Jon Green NAQT and misc.
2011 OSPL2 Do Won Kim, Raymond Liu, Adam Kalinich, Roxanne Ilagan Dylan Minarik, Ben Zhang, Shashank Raghavachari, David Hu NAQT and misc.
2011 OSPL3 Tom Moore, Tristan Willey, David Kramer, Megan Chen York Chen, David Benas, Aryan Falahatpisheh, Basil Smitham NAQT and misc.
2012 OSPL4 Krishna Bharathala, Alex Kling, Ryan Rosenberg, Graham Reid Max Schindler, Matthew Moschella, Isaac Kirk-Davidoff, Michael Adams NAQT and misc.
2012 OSPL5 Jonathan Lam, Jordan Bekenstein, Tom Moore, Sam Levin Collin Parks, Richard Yu, David Xu, Esther Sun, Anderson Wang NAQT and misc.
2012 OSPL6 Collin Parks, David Xu, Sameen Belal, Jimmy Haubert Collin Parks, Esther Sun, Paul Moschetti, Kara Vo, Nathaniel Boughner, Paul Hamilton NAQT and misc.
2012 Champions League Ben Zhang, York Chen, Basil Smitham, Anirudh Dasarathy Tom Moore, Conan Zhao, Robert Jones, Jordan Bekenstein 2008 Illinois Open