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PARFAIT is the annual Princeton tournament, began in 2005 as a packet-submission event by Jordan Boyd-Graber and written by Princeton and its mirror sites in 2006 and 2007. Most versions have been marked by a somewhat disproportionate amount of hardcore theoretical mathematics and computer SCIENCE!.

Apart from minor concerns about the the wisdom of having a 30-20-10 bonus on Pierre Boulle, the 2006 version was praised as being decently written, and a good time was had by all.

The 2007 version, however, inspired this thread. To summarize,the editing left something to be desired. Highlights of the tournament included a tossup on "The Wardrobe" from the C.S. Lewis series. Post-tournament highlights include Jordan Boyd-Graber's notable defense that "we could have just decided to throw an IS set tournament" (in reference to the University of South Florida going back on its promise to mirror and write packets for the tournament at the last minute only to announce an IS tournament).

Then came Bulldogs over Broadway 2007, in which the Princeton A packet (which was put together by undergrads at Princeton, but not Jordan Boyd-Graber) had all of the same problems as the PARFAIT packets (at least according to Bruce Arthur).