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PATH, or Points per Adjusted Tossups Heard, is a statistic developed by Samer Ismail[1] to attempt to account for the shadow effect in individual PPG statistics.

Though references to the statistic on the forums date back to at least 2005,[2] there is no longer any record of its creation and the original post may have been lost in 2004[speculation] or simply predated the forums.


1. Multiply the number of points scored by the player by 20.
2. Subtract the number of tossups correctly answered by the player's teammates and one-half the number of negs by the player's teammates from the total number of tossups heard by the player. Multiply this result by the fraction of the total questions heard by the team that the player heard.
3. Divide the result from Step 1 by the result from Step 2.


The formula for PATH assumes that the shadow effect of Player A on Player B is of the same magnitude as the shadow effect of Player A on Player C. Because every player has a unique knowledge base, this assumption is invalid (consider the case of two physics specialists playing together, as opposed to one physics specialist and one history specialist). To counteract these problems by taking advantage of the invention of detailed stats, John Lawrence proposed category-adjusted PATH[3].

In addition, the correction for substitutions is mathematically unsound.


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