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Detailed quizbowl statistics (variously called detailed stats, advanced stats, buzzpoint stats, and category stats, though these are also used for specific facets of detailed stats) are quizbowl statistics that go beyond the traditionally-kept quizbowl statistics of points per game, points per bonus, and powers/gets/negs per game. Detailed stats often include, but are not limited to, conversion data.

The most widely used (and widely praised) detailed stats in collegiate quizbowl were designed by Ophir Lifshitz. The MODAQ scoring system developed by Alejandro Lopez-Lago also keeps detailed stats.



The most major innovation of detailed stats is the tracking of buzzpoints, which is information about what word a player buzzed on. The primary use-case of this feature is to allow writers and editors with information about how specific clues in their questions played and has provided empirical evidence for previously subjective claims about difficulty.

The tracking of buzzpoints requires specific pre-processing of packets to allow information about which word was clicked to be obtained. Both the Advanced Stats question reader and MODAQ are web applications that allow moderators to click on specific words in their browser and then copy the buzzpoint data - additionally, the Advanced Stats scoresheet has a dedicated region for buzzpoint data to be pasted.


It is possible to maintain additional information about questions in a detail stats system, e.g. the category of tossups and bonuses. Combined with existing stats and the buzzpoint tracking, it is possible to achieve much more granular knowledge of a team or a player's specializiation in a specific category.