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The Powered Points Tournament, or PPT, is an annual high school tournament hosted by Canyon Crest. It traditionally is held in the fall, with a varsity division playing NAQT's Invitational Series questions and a junior varsity division on an Introductory Invitational Series set.

Notable exceptions to the aforementioned precedents include the first iteration of the tournament, which was a JV and middle school tournament with those divisions playing NAQT IS-A and middle school questions, respectively. The winner of that tournament's middle school division was Black Mountain B, who are therefore the only team ever to claim the PPT middle school title. PPT IV was held in the spring, with a varsity division playing the 2020 CATT housewrite, due to poor planning by CCA Quizbowl leadership.

The names of the varsity and JV tournaments were changed to "competitive" and "standard" respectively beginning with PPT VII, which also became the first PPT to be won by an out-of-state team when Strake Jesuit flew to San Diego and won the competitive division.

The origins of the acronym "PPT" have been lost to history, although it is speculated that it may be related to the .ppt file format formerly used by Microsoft PowerPoint.


Iteration Date Varsity Varsity stats JV JV stats
PPT I 4/21/18 Not held N/A Westview A [1]
PPT II 9/29/18 Del Norte A [2] Francis Parker A [3]
PPT III 10/12/19 Westview A [4] Westview C [5]
PPT IV 4/24/21 Santa Monica [6] Black Mountain [7]
PPT V 11/13/21 Arcadia A [8] San Dieguito [9]
PPT VI 11/12/22 Francis Parker [10] Oak Valley A [11]
PPT VII 11/11/23 Strake Jesuit [12] Del Norte C [13]