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Paul Paquet is a veteran trivia player, writer, and organizer based in Ottawa. He is a self-described "professional player" (though he has never been paid to play), as he makes a living off his trivia ventures, such as the Trivia Hall of Fame.


Paquet played Reach for the Top in the early 1980s. More recently, he has played in open Canadian quizbowl events, including three Ottawa Hybrid Tournaments. He won the 2005 VETO and the 2007 OHT.

Reach for the Top Work

Paquet helped start a Reach team at Lisgar in the late 1990s. He was a question writer and last-minute judge at the 2002 Ontario playoffs. He regularly appears on the final day of the Ottawa-area championships, and has sometimes acted as a neutral reader for final matches, most recently in 2009.

World Trivia Night

Paquet established World Trivia Night in 1995 and has written it ever since. Held annually in Ottawa, it attracts hundreds of teams as a fundraiser for Champions for Children.

Other Trivia Work

In the early 2000s, Paquet organized events at the Game Show Congress and TRASHionals. He has conducted several interviews with top game show players, such as Kevin Olmstead and Brad Rutter. His trivia-writing business sells to cell phone providers, websites, and meeting planners, among others. Notable clients include Microsoft, 1 vs. 100, Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, and former prime minister Paul Martin.

Paquet also runs weekly pub trivia nights in Ottawa. A 2006 news story about the games is on YouTube