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The Public Library Quiz Bowl is a format of high school quiz bowl played in North Carolina, sponsored by the Public Library system. The state-wide tournament is three-tiered, with teams competing on a local, district and state level. The winner of each tier advances to the next tier, and the winner of the state tournament is declared to be the state champion. The final tier is held at the WUNC-TV studios, where it is taped to be broadcast over a series of Saturdays.


Teams consist of four members, plus an alternate. The Quiz Bowl format consists of three rounds. In the first round, a question (worth 10 points) is addressed to each player individually. One question is asked per player, for a total of 4 questions per team. If the player gives the correct answer, the team is awarded the points. If the player gives an incorrect answer, the question is addressed to the next player on the other team for half credit. In the second and third rounds, four questions (worth 20 and 30 points, respectively) each are addressed to each team. Team members may confer before answering. Again, if the question is missed, the other team has a chance to answer it for half credit. Rounds are not timed.


Quiz Bowl began in 1978-1979 in southeastern North Carolina. The following year, libraries across the state sponsored teams to make it a state-wide competition. In 2005, the State Library System discontinued its sponsorship of Quiz Bowl, and it ended after the 2005-2006 year, although local competitions may still be held.


Year Champion Runner-Up
1981 results missing
1994 Terry Sanford East Rowan
1995 Arendell Parrott Wilkes Central
1996 Richmond (NC) Enloe
1997 Williams Kinston
1998 Wake Forest-Rolesville Richmond
1999 Enloe JH Rose
2000 Williams Jordan
2001 Williams Hoggard
2002 Scotland Enloe
2003 Enloe Weddington
2004 Raleigh Charter ?
2005 Watauga DH Conley
2006 Hoggard Northwood

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