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QBDB, or the Quizbowl Question Database, is a packet search engine announced by Jerry Vinokurov on the boards on January 12, 2008. [1]

The QBDB allows one to search previously-written packets. This was already possible by doing a Google search of the Stanford Archive, but the QBDB includes and plans to include many more high-quality questions, including the ACF archive, in Internet-searchable format for the first time. The eventual goal is for a question writer to be able to see what good, final-form tossups on a difficult-to-write subject look like, or for a studier to be able to glean a large mass of extant canon information on a subject of interest. Subjects are searchable by year(s) of packet and by whether the clue is in the question or answer text.

Eventually, the QBDB may incorporate a frequency list. Such a list, available publicly on the Internet, is likely to fundamentally alter the way in which serious players go about their study.

Currently, the following tournaments may be found on QBDB (sorted by year):

   * Penn Bowl
   * ACF Regionals
   * MLK/Terrapin

   * Michigan MLK
   * Maryland Terrapin
   * ACF Nationals
   * ACF Fall
   * Penn Bowl
   * Florida Sunshine State Invitational
   * Chicago Open
   * Literature Doubles

   * ACF Fall
   * ACF Regionals
   * Aztlan Cup

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