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The purpose of the QBWiki is to document the world of quizbowl, including history; culture; important people, schools, organizations, tournaments, other events, etc.; and to promote the game and its effective functioning. This includes (but is not limited to) providing useful information to actual and prospective community members, maintaining the safety of the community, and disseminating best practices along with the rationale for them.

What the QBWiki Is Good For

  • Profiling people, organizations, and events that have had significant effects on quizbowl, including notable players, coaches, administrators, schools, companies, tournaments, scandals, and so on
  • Describing quizbowl for people considering starting or joining a team, new coaches, journalists, etc.
  • Maintaining records that are more complex than basic statistics or otherwise aren’t readily available in other places
  • Giving advice on best practices
  • Disseminating information on topics like where to get buzzer systems and how to study

What the QBWiki Isn’t

  • A repository of basic statistics
  • A place for deciding best practices
  • A place for discussion (other than discussion about articles themselves)
  • A place for socializing

Editing the QBWiki

The QBWiki is open for contributions. Please follow the rules.