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This set of pages serves as a queue of summaries of recent collegiate and high school results which appear in the "Recent tournament results" section of the Main Page. These pages are also used to help facilitate and coordinate updates to this queue.

It is unlikely that there will be room to highlight every tournament that happens in particularly weeks - at minimum, tournaments will likely need to be organized into mirrors. As tournaments occur in weekly cycles, updates should ideally happen once a week. Each set of results spans a week from a given Saturday to the following Friday, representing the time in which those results are the most recent. The majority of tournaments are held on weekends, with the majority of those taking place on Saturdays.

Each set of tournament results should be given its own subpage corresponding to its week - this week's results can be found here, while last weeks can be found here. The archive is yet to come.

Recent tournament results by week
November 20, 2021-November 26, 2021
November 27, 2021-December 3, 2021
December 4, 2021-December 10, 2021

Currently visible tournament results

Saturday, November 13, 2021


High school

Previously visible tournament results

Saturday, November 6, 2021


High school