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Here is a summary of how pages for tournaments seem to currently be formatted. Please discuss how to make this formatting more consistent, and discuss how to make the formatting more logical, on the talk page.

This page covers only recurring tournaments (e.g. HSNCT), not individual instances of those tournaments (e.g. 2008 HSNCT). This page also does not cover tournaments that take place at multiple sites on the same day (e.g. ACF Regionals), and are thus better suited as "packet sets" than as tournaments.

These are all suggestions at this point.

Introductory Material

  • The first paragraph of the page should name the tournament, any additional names/acronyms it is known by, the intended level (e.g. high school, college novice), and the tournament host site. It should also include any relevant history of the tournament as well as the question source(s) if known.

Results Tables

  • Some pages (e.g. Aztlan Cup) just have a brief summary of each individual tournament. While this is fine, I think that every tournament page should be augmented with a results table.

There is a lot of inconsistency in how these tables are presented across pages:

  • In some order, date/year, packet source/editors, and field size seem to be common non-placement columns. "Host site" also shows up for high school state championships and other tournaments that may not be run at the same site every year. There is no consensus on the order of these columns.
  • Generally, high school tournaments seem to note first through fourth place, while college tournaments only note first and second place. The only exception to this standard I can find is ACF Nationals, a college tournament that notes first through fourth place.
  • There is currently no standard way of indicating that information is missing. "Results needed," "?," and just a blank entry are three of the current methods.

Linking to Team Pages

  • Some results tables put a link in every cell. Others put links only in the first instance of the school in the table. Others do not have any links at all.
  • If the team is notable enough (or enough useful information exists) to justify a page on that team in that particular year, the link should point to that particular year's team. Otherwise, the link should point to the school in general.

External Stats

  • Some tournament pages link to external stats by hyperlinking the "year/date" box to that particular tournament's results. Others have links to stats in a separate column in the results table. Others have all stats links at the end of the article.


  • Right now, tournaments seem to be classified as either "Tournaments," "High school tournaments," or "Middle school tournaments." There is currently no separate category page for "College tournaments."
  • If a high school tournament results table is not complete, it goes in the category "High school tournaments with missing results."