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Founded by Dwight Kidder in 1997 and soon taken over by R. Hentzel, the QB mailing list was a replacement for the Usenet group, which had become impossible to use by late 1996. It delivered messages by direct e-mail to subscribers. The list ceased to be used by late 2000 due to the increasing popularity of the Yahoo group, and due to R. Hentzel's access to the Iowa State e-mail system expiring. For that three-year interval, it was the main forum for communication about collegiate quizbowl.

Despite being affected by some of the more banal tendencies of the late-1990s Internet (such as the unironic use of oh so insightful Pink Floyd quotes as signatures), the list is a valuable resource for finding tournament results, gauging the attitude of quizbowl from that time, mining chunks of unbelievable chutzpah from anti-quizbowl quizbowlers trying to defend College Bowl, and researching quizbowl history thanks to the frequent posts by personalities from the Southeastern circuit of the 1980s.