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Questions Unlimited
President or CEO Chip Beall
Location: Chattanooga, TN
Status Open

Questions Unlimited is a company operated by Chip Beall out of Chattanooga, Tennessee (formerly out of Columbus, Ohio), that bills itself as "America's premier supplier of questions and answers for academic competition" and claims to have patented the four-quarter format. This should not be confused with the British company Questions Unlimited, which produces questions and answers for pub quizzes.

Questions produced by Questions Unlimited are generally viewed with disdain by people who enjoy "good quizbowl", as they lack pyramidality, have hoses, often have been plagiarized from other sets and ask about completely ridiculous subjects.

The company sponsors the dubious National Academic Championship as well as Quiznet. Their latest venture is an online competition similar to the old KMO that has been labeled 3-2-1. They also provide questions to local tournaments, such as in Westchester County, New York and for a tournament called the "Great Lakes Academic Challenge".

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