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The Long Island Quiz Bowl Alliance (LIQBA) is a corporation founded by Joe Feldman to run High School tournaments in the Northeast United States. Most notably, they have held the Island Cup since the 2019-2020 season, the Garden Cup in New Jersey, various Cup tournaments in Westchester, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, the Northeast Regional Championships, and held a large number of online events in Spring 2020.

The LIQBA became the American Quizbowl League for the pandemic-addled 2020-21 season, only to be split off again into an independent firm in May 2021; they remain independent to this day.

The LIQBA is also running single-subject championships for American students in 2023-24, and quietly provides tournament questions for leagues with nontraditional formats throughout the Northeast and beyond, notably resulting in the conversion of the entire Lower Hudson Valley to Good Quizbowl.


The LIQBA was founded in May 2019 in response to the folding of KPAQT. In October of that year the first Island Cup October Tournament was held with 10 teams, followed by the second event in February to good reviews.

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the LIQBA sponsored and ran six online events: BHSAT Online, SCOP Novice Online, James Blair Bowl Online, the Island Cup May Online, the Scottie online, and the Midsummer Classic.

Due to the success of the online events, in July 2020, the LIQBA was reorganized into the American Quizbowl League. The LIQBA was later spun off once again, hosting the Long Island Season Finale comeback tournament in May 2021 and returning the Island Cup to active play in the 2021-22 season.

The LIQBA branched out into adjacent areas of the New York Tri-State in 2022, hosting the inaugural Garden Cup in New Jersey in May. They then added the Charter Cup in Connecticut and Valley Cup in Westchester; in response to demand in Massachusetts, they added the Mayflower Cup there as well. While it was nearly comically derailed by a blizzard, it still went on, attracting 37 teams over 2 days.

Per Joe's longtime desire to create a high-level championship that would not involve traveling long distances for Northeast teams, the Northeast Regional Championships was first held in 2023.

The LIQBA underwent further expansion in 2024, primarily through three tournaments in Pennsylvania: the Keystone, Allegheny, and Carnegie cups. The first Keystone Cup ended extremely late and was the first failed LIQBA tournament in its history; however, the Allegheny and Carnegie Cups ran well. The Carnegie Cup also succeeded in spite of a comical amount of external factors, including a massive, hours-long building fire across the street, a SWAT raid nearby with an accompanying shelter-in-place order, and a car accident in front of the tournament building. A new tournament was also held in Michigan, and additional tournaments were provided in Massachusetts and (soon) the Hudson Valley. The Garden Cup III became the largest tournament in LIQBA history with 64 teams; 72 were scheduled before a last-second change of venue was pulled off due to the scheduled host canceling the granted permits two weeks before the event.

In January 2024, the LIQBA along with the IAC formed the Tri-State Quiz Bowl Alliance.

The LIQBA plans to halt expansion to new regions in the 2024-25 season, concentrating on developing existing regions, particularly Eastern Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, where local tournaments that feed into the Garden Cup are planned.

Inspired after an internal reading of an extremely poor-quality packet and realizing that it was what thousands of teams across the country solely experienced as Quizbowl, the LIQBA started writing questions in nontraditional formats in the 2023-24 season, and quickly eliminated all Chipbowl in the Lower Hudson Valley. The LIQBA plans a massive expansion of its writing department for the 2024-25 season, and is bidding for projects and contracts nationwide.


Island Cup (Since 2019): Nassau and Suffolk Counties, New York

Garden Cup (Since 2021): New Jersey

Charter Cup (Since 2022): Connecticut

Valley Cup (Since 2022): Lower Hudson Valley, New York

Mayflower Cup (Since 2022): Massachusetts

Keystone Cup (Since 2024): Eastern Pennsylvania

Allegheny Cup (Since 2024): Central Pennsylvania

Carnegie Cup (Since 2024): Western Pennsylvania

Mitten Cup (Since 2024): Lower Peninsula Michigan

Cup Champions

First to Third places are noted; DNR stands for "Did Not Rank", meaning that the team either finished below third place or did not play.

Island Cup

Team I (2020) II (2021) III (2022) IV (2023) V (2024)
Kellenberg A 1st 2nd DNR 1st 2nd
North Babylon A 2nd 3rd 1st DNR DNR
Great Neck South A 3rd DNR 3rd DNR DNR
Ward Melville A DNR 1st 2nd 2nd 1st
Locust Valley A DNR DNR DNR 3rd DNR
Kings Park A DNR DNR DNR DNR 3rd

Garden Cup

Team I (2022) II (2023) III (2024)
Ridgewood A 1st DNR DNR
Edison A 2nd DNR 2nd
WWPN A 3rd 3rd DNR
Livingston A DNR 1st 1st
Princeton HS A DNR 2nd DNR
Mountain Lakes A DNR DNR 3rd

Valley Cup

Team I (2023) II (2024)
Scarsdale A 1st
Edgemont A 2nd
Horace Greeley A 3rd

Mayflower Cup

Team I (2023) II (2024)
Belmont A 1st 1st
Chenery MS A 2nd DNR
BB&N A 3rd DNR
Lexington A DNR 2nd
Westwood A DNR 3rd

Charter Cup

Team I (2023) II (2024)
Woodland A 1st DNR
Darien A 2nd DNR
Staples A 3rd DNR
Choate A DNR 1st
King A DNR 2nd
Greens Farms A DNR 3rd

Keystone Cup

Team I (2024)
GFS A 1st
Elizabethtown A 2nd
Cedar Crest A 3rd

Allegheny Cup

Team I (2024)
Carlisle A 1st
State College A 2nd
Hollidaysburg A 3rd

Carnegie Cup

Team I (2024)
South Side A 1st
Winchester Thurston 2nd
Norwin A 3rd

Mitten Cup

Team I (2024)
Utica Academy A 1st
DCC A 2nd
DCC B 3rd

LIQBA Members

LIQBA Members are those who serve in an administrative role in the organization, and are trusted enough to direct LIQBA tournaments on their own.

While the LIQBA does not directly recruit Members, all Members are retained internally, so they all started at lower positions in the LIQBA. The LIQBA actively seeks people for those positions, and promotes individuals particularly talented in administration to be Members.

List of LIQBA Members

Joe Feldman, formerly of Smithtown West, President (Since May 2019)

Nic Pruitt of Bates College, formerly of Ridgewood, Senior Outreach Coordinator (Since December 2023); Outreach Coordinator (May 2020 to December 2023)

Aum Mundhe of Rutgers, formerly of Ridgewood, Assistant Tournament Director (Since February 2022)

Robert Wang of Livingston, Outreach Coordinator (Since February 2023); Assistant Tournament Director (Since June 2023); High School Outreach Coordinator (May 2022 to December 2023)

Benny Feldman (No relation to Joe) of Chicago, formerly of Hastings, Assistant Tournament Director (Since June 2023); Hudson Valley Coordinator (Since June 2022)

Andrew Gao of Belmont, Assistant Tournament Director (Since June 2023)

Sophia Wu of Rutgers, formerly of Livingston, Assistant Tournament Director (Since August 2023)

Ace Chun of MIT, formerly of Montgomery Blair, Assistant Tournament Director (Since January 2024)

Matt Kelly of Michigan, formerly of Kings Park, Assistant Tournament Director (Since April 2024)

Jessica Shen of Livingston, Assistant Tournament Director (Since May 2024)

Sam Macchi of Vassar, formerly of Belmont, Writing Technology Director, Assistant Tournament Director (Since May 2024)

Past Members

Aalok Bhattacharya of Boston College, formerly of Staples, Assistant Tournament Director (June 2023 to March 2024); Question Coordinator (June 2023 to September 2023); Connecticut Coordinator (April 2020 to June 2023)

Joy An of Harvard, formerly of Choate, Assistant Tournament Director (June 2023 to February 2024)

Arjun Panickserry, formerly of W. T. Clarke, Assistant Tournament Director (May 2021 to June 2023); Online Tournament Coordinator (March to May 2020)

Em Gunter, Online Stats Coordinator (Resigned May 2020)

A robot, who was fired for being useless (Lasted under 30 minutes in April 2020)