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The Long Island Quiz Bowl Alliance (LIQBA) is a corporation founded by Joe Feldman to run High School tournaments on Long Island. Most notably, they have held the Island Cup since the 2019-2020 season, and ran a large number of online events in Spring 2020.

The LIQBA later became the American Quizbowl League in July 2020.


The LIQBA was founded in May 2019 in response to the folding of KPAQT. In October of that year the first Island Cup was held, followed by the second event in February to good reviews.

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the LIQBA sponsored and ran six online events: BHSAT Online, SCOP Novice Online, James Blair Bowl Online, the Island Cup May Online, the Scottie online, and the Midsummer Classic.

Due to the success of the online events, in July 2020, the LIQBA became the American Quizbowl League. It has not been active since then.

Associates at Dissolution

Joe Feldman, formerly of Smithtown West, President (Since May 2019)

Aalok Bhattacharya of Staples, Connecticut Coordinator (Since April 2020)

Nicole Pruitt of Ridgewood, Outreach Coordinator (Since May 2020)

Past Associates

Arjun Panickserry, Online Tournament Coordinator (Resigned April 2020)

Emily Gunter of Salem, Online Stats Coordinator (Resigned May 2020)

A robot, who was fired for being useless (Lasted under 30 minutes in April 2020)