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The Quiz Bowl Invitational Tournament is a high school tournament hosted by High Tech. It was first held in 2014.


Year Packet set Field size First place Second place Third place Fourth place
2014 UMD Housewrite 24 Bergen A East Brunswick A Hunter A St. Joseph's A
2016 Maryland Fall 12 Livingston A Millburn A East Brunswick A Great Valley
2017 GSAC XXIV 28 Ithaca Hunter A Ohio County Mather
2018 FACTS 24 Lehigh Valley Downingtown STEM Not Spuyten Duyvil St. Joseph's A
2019 RMBAT 32 Hunter A West Egg A Livingston A East Brunswick A
2020 BLAST 22 Millburn East Brunswick B Ilium Hunter A
2021 STASH 17 Belmont TAG Magnet Beavercreek Ridgewood
2022 DART TWO 24 Hunter A Ridgewood Hunter B Great Valley A
2023 DART THREE 24 Hunter A Woodland Darien A East Brunswick