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The Quaker Academic Competition, or QuAC, is a high school tournament hosted by Penn. Its first iteration was supposed to be housewritten, but was apparently held on a heavily edited version of Delta Burke; the 2013 post-hiatus iteration was apparently also originally a housewrite, judging by the existence of this forum thread. It has been held on mirrors of various question sets over the years.

QuAC Date First Second Stats Question Set
I November 22, 2008 Wilmington Charter A Maggie Walker A [1] QuAC
II November 21, 2009 State College A St. Anselm's [2] HSAPQ Tournament 10
III November 20, 2010 St. Anselm's Richard Montgomery [3] Delta Burke
IV January 26, 2013 Wilmington Charter A Ridgewood [4] CATT VIII
V January 25, 2014 Wilmington Charter A High Tech A [5] HSAPQ Tournament 42
VI January 31, 2015 Wilmington Charter A High Tech A [6] HSAPQ Tournament 53