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Quinterest is a question database/search engine. It was created by Rohit Lalchandani and is now maintained by Jacob Reed. Quinterest allows users to search through question sets that have been stored within its database, and users can choose to filter results by difficulty (middle school, high school, college, open) or by subject. One can also choose to search for words in just the answerline or words in the answerline and question.

With the introduction of Version 1.0, bonus question searching capability was added. With the addition of a user-friendly front-end for adding more questions, support for subcategories, major under-the-hood upgrades, and combined tossup-bonus search, Quinterest moved to its current version, 2.0.

Because of the parsers used to create the original database, Quinterest sometimes (now rarely) includes truncated questions and other problems.

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