Rahul Annabathula

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Rahul Annabathula
Rahul, Tyler, Austin, and Micheal Riggs.jpg
Noted subjects Biology, Science
Past colleges University of Kentucky (2012-2016)
High school The Piarist School
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Rahul Annabathula is a former president of the University of Kentucky Quiz Bowl Team and member of the A-Team. He is a first year Med Student from Harold, Kentucky. He was the refounder of the University of Kentucky team and led the team to victory in several tournaments and got the team into several predicaments besides.


Rahul Annabathula competed in several Quiz Bowl tournaments during his tenure at Kentucky. He specialized in Biology and general Science and had a repuation for negging.

One of the finest performances of the A-Team was at the 2015 ACF Fall Tournament at Louisville. The A-Team won a disadvantaged final by beating the nationally-ranked University of Michigan team twice and perennial rivals Wright State University twice.

Notable Incidents

There were some controversies during his administration. One of these was the Bowling Green McDonald's Incident. On the way to attend WKU Regionals in 2013, the team stopped at a McDonald's for breakfast. President Annabathula decided it would be a good idea to jump up and tag the clearance bar at the drive-thru. Unfortunately, the bar broke and Rahul ordered a frantic evacuation of the establishment. Inspection by later team trips to that McDonald's discovered duct tape on the bars. The bar had been replaced by 2016.

He was renowned for his imaginative pep talks he gave before tournaments, although these had a dubious effect on actual performance.