Raynor Kuang

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Raynor Kuang
Noted subjects Art, film
Current college Retired
Past colleges Harvard (2013-2017)
High school Thomas Jefferson (VA)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Raynor Kuang is a former player for Thomas Jefferson (VA) and Harvard. He head-edited the 2015, 2016, and 2017 HFT and won the 2014 NAQT ICT DII title.

Raynor is also the creator of the online quiz bowl question depository QuizDB. To commemorate Raynor's consistently high neg rate, Harvard jokingly awards the "Raynor Kuang Memorial Book Prize" to the player with the most number of negs at each tournament it hosts.

Raynor also wrote and head-edited well-received side events such as GRAPHIC and FILM.