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Regional Quiz Bowl is a high school Quizbowl league on Long Island. It is sponsored by RQB Associates Inc. of East Setauket and managed by Ross Lipsky, coach of Valley Stream South. From November to March teams play one team per month within their division. At the end of the season each division's top two teams and two wild card teams, for 18 total from Varsity and Junior Varsity, play in a tournament to decide the team that will be RQB's Long Island Champion.

Despite its shortcomings in question quality, format, and number of offered games, RQB is one of the largest and most active known leagues. All teams on Long Island participate, including all of those who play "good quizbowl".


  • RQB runs on NAQT questions and plays a unique four quarter format
    • The first quarter is 20 five-point tossups with one five-point bonus; no negs are possible
    • The second quarter is a set of five random tossups read to one team and answered cooperatively, followed by a set of five tossups read to the other team and answered cooperatively
    • The third round is a 60-second, 10-question cooperative lightning round with bouncebacks; teams choose one of four categories
    • The fourth round is 20 5-point tossups; negs are possible, and the other team cannot answer once a question is negged. No bonuses are asked.
  • Teams of one or two players are not allowed to play official games
  • Tied scores are allowed and common in divisional games
  • Teams are encouraged to bring snacks and refreshments to meets for sharing
  • computational math is heard; spelling tossups were present before NAQT took over question writing

List of 2019-2020 divisions and teams