Robin Richards

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Robin Richards
Noted Subjects:
Current Collegiate Team N/A
Past Collegiate Teams UGA, Kennesaw State
High School Team
Middle School Team None

Robin Richards is currently the coach at Cedar Shoals High School in Athens, GA.

HS Coaching

  • Admitted that he created an NAQT tournament just so his team could “qualify” for the HSNCT by finishing atop a 4-team field. Didn’t stop him from sending out a press release trumpeting this “accomplishment,” which resulted in Cedar finishing 172nd out of 176 teams (Source: Cedar Shoals QuizJags Facebook Group: "3- You created your own tournament so you could get back to Chicago").

College Team “Coaching”

  • Announced his intent to hold a “Title IX” bowl that would feature female-only teams (Source: Yahoo Quizbowl Group).
  • Lost UGA Quizbowl $5,000 in funding by claiming he was a student when he was taking a break from taking his one grad class a semester (See Weiner's Factual Argument Paradox) (Source: UGA Student Life archives)