Scholastic Scrimmage

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The name of two televised high school quizbowl competitions in Central-East Pennsylvania.

WVIA Scholastic Scrimmage

The WVIA Scholastic Scrimmage's questions are written by NAQT. This competition extends broadly from the Scranton area south-westwards. Historically, it used to reach as far as State College.

WLVT Scholastic Scrimmage

The WLVT Scholastic Scrimmage's questions are mostly house-written. This competition covers most of the Lehigh Valley, although some teams from other areas further south do participate.

Matches last approximately 25 minutes, with a halftime segment where the students answer a question about themselves, such as who they look up to or their college plans. Matches are run in a tossup-bonus format, with each being worth ten points. The neg rule is the same as pyramidal quizbowl, but a team that gets a rebound is only awarded 5 points.

Winning teams get $4,000 in scholarship money from the Air Products Foundation. The runner-up team receives $2,000 dollars from Air Products.