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Sean Jackson is a current player for Clemson University and former player for Wilson Hall(Sumter, SC). He is noted (by practically no one outside of the Clemson Academic Team) for his extensive mythology knowledge; in fact, it's the only subject he is even somewhat competent at.

High School

Due to Wilson Hall's place in the South Carolina Independent School Association, he only participated in the SCISA regional and state tournaments. He was apart of a team that won regionals his 9th, 11th, and 12th grade years, carrying and captaining the team his senior season. However, he has never been apart of a state championship winning team. His highest placing team at the event was his freshman year, where Wilson Hall got third, and he did nothing more than sit there awkwardly.


Sean has had a mostly uneventful college career, having yet to win a single tournament with Clemson University. This has led him to getting overly excited whenever he powers a mythology or, very rarely, a non-mythology question, as even the slightest bit of satisfaction is enough to fire him up.