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The Show-Me Conference is a Missouri athletic conference that sponsors several quizbowl competitions. It comprises nine smaller, rural school districts on either side of the Missouri River in central Missouri.


High School

The conference hosts a high school competition each year, currently on modified NAQT high school questions in the MSHSAA format. The 2013 edition was held in tossup/bonus format.

Year Packet set Field size First place Second place Third place
2013 IS-125A 8 Linn Fatima Eugene
2014 MO-CONF13 9 Fatima Tuscumbia St. Elizabeth
2015 MO-CONF14 10 Tuscumbia Chamois Fatima
2016 MO-CONF15 10 Fatima Tuscumbia St. Elizabeth A
2017 MO-CONF16 10 Tuscumbia Fatima Eugene
2018 MO-CONF17 10 Tuscumbia Eugene Fatima
2019 MO-CONF18 9 Fatima Tuscumbia Eugene
2021 MO-CONF20 7 Eugene Fatima South Callaway
2022 MO-CONF22 8 Eugene Fatima Russellville

Middle School

The conference hosts the Show-Me Middle School Scholar Bowl each spring on NAQT questions.

Year Packet set Field size First place Second place Third place
2013 MS-04 8 Fatima Eugene Tuscumbia
2014 MS-10 8 Fatima Tuscumbia Eugene
2015 MS-14 7 Tuscumbia Eugene Fatima
2016 MS-16 6 Tuscumbia Fatima Eugene
2017 MS-22 8 South Callaway Tuscumbia Eugene
2018 MS-26 8 Fatima Eugene Tuscumbia
2019 MS-30 8 South Callaway Fatima St. Elizabeth
2021 TAILS 7 Tuscumbia Eugene Russellville

Elementary School

Somewhat unique is the conference's sponsorship of an elementary competition, known as Knowledge Bowl. Each grade - 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th - competes in its own separate double-elimination bracket to crown a grade-level winner each year. In 2015-2017, questions for the Knowledge Bowl were written by SAGES.

Year Questions 3rd Grade Champion 4th Grade Champion 5th Grade Champion 6th Grade Champion
2013 unknown South Callaway
2014 unknown
2015 SAGES I Chamois Fatima Tuscumbia either Fatima or Eugene
2018 unknown South Callaway St. Elizabeth Russellville South Callaway
2019 unknown South Callaway Fatima New Bloomfield Tuscumbia