South Callaway

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South Callaway Bulldogs
Mokane, MO
Coaches Kim Rodriguez
National Appearances SSNCT: 2017
Program Status Active
School Size 262
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South Callaway High School is a small public high school in Mokane, Missouri. The quiz bowl ("Scholar Bowl") team has seen several years of regional success. The district's middle school also fields a 7th and 8th grade team which competes with other middle schools and junior highs in the area, while elementary schoolers from the district are able to compete in a tossups-only event within the Show-Me Conference.

MSHSAA History

Year Class/District District Result Sectional/State Result Conference Result
1992-1995 Missouri Academic Association era - No information available Little Dixie Conference (through 2006)
1996 Class 2
District Unknown
Winner No sectionals
State: 2nd Place (lost finals match to Richland)
1997 Winner No sectionals
State: 4th Place
1998-2004 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
2005 C3D4 2nd Place (to Osage) did not advance LDC regular season champions
2006 Winner over Osage
Host of district tournament
No sectionals
State: 4th Place
LDC regular season champions
2007 2nd Place (to Hallsville) did not advance Mid-Missouri Conference (2006-2012)
MMC regular season and tournament champions
2008 2nd Place (to Hallsville) did not advance MMC Tournament: 2nd Place (to Hallsville)
2009 C3D7 2nd Place (to Hallsville) did not advance MMC Tournament: 2nd Place (to Hallsville)
2010 did not qualify for playoffs did not advance Unknown
2011 C2D8 eliminated in playoffs by Eugene did not advance Unknown
2012 did not qualify for playoffs did not advance MMC Tournament: 3rd Place
2013 C2D4 eliminated in playoffs by New Haven did not advance Show-Me Conference (2012-present)
SMC Tournament: 5th Place
2014 2nd Place (to New Haven) did not advance SMC Tournament: 6th Place
2015 C3D6 eliminated in playoffs by Osage did not advance Unknown
2016 eliminated in playoffs by Osage did not advance SMC Tournament: 4th Place
2017 C2D9 Winner over Fayette Lost sectionals to Calvary Lutheran SMC Tournament: 5th Place
2018 Winner over New Franklin Lost sectionals to Calvary Lutheran SMC Tournament: 4th Place
2019 C2D9 did not qualify for playoffs did not advance SMC Tournament: 5th Place
2020 The 2020 postseason was canceled due to COVID-19.
2021 C3D9 Winner over West County Lost sectionals to Houston SMC Tournament: 3rd Place
2022 Did not compete at districts. SMC Tournament: 5th Place

Opponents and Rivalries

South Callaway formerly competed in the Mid-Missouri Conference against teams from Southern Boone, North Callaway, Harrisburg, and Hallsville. In 2012, the school became a member of the Show-Me Conference alongside nine other schools, including a very active Tuscumbia program.

The school has oscillated between Class 2 and Class 3 in MSHSAA's system, and being centrally located, has also changed district numbers within classes many times.

The school's largest historical rivalry was by far that with Hallsville, a formidable conference and district opponent. The team has also played several high profile matches against teams from Osage and New Haven.


Alex Dzurick and team compete in the 2006 MSHSAA state championships at Rock Bridge High School.

In 2005, South Callaway lost the championship game of the C3D4 tournament to School of the Osage. However, in 2006, a stronger South Callaway contingent came back to topple Osage and take the championship. The team advanced to MSHSAA state playoffs, where they placed 4th behind Savannah, Westminster Christian Academy and El Dorado Springs. 2007 and 2008 saw a different foe emerge for the team - conference rival Hallsville. In both years, South Callaway failed to top the strength of Hallsville in the C3D4 championships. In 2007, South Callaway was able to squeeze out a victory over the same Hallsville team to become the inaugural Mid-Missouri conference champions, while Hallsville would edge out the team the next year. At the Warrenton Warrior Classic, South Callaway earned a 4th place finish, while the team would also earn 2nd to Centralia at the William Woods Academic Tournament.

Tournament Attendance

While South Callaway's schedule for many years was dominated by conference matches (largely duals or small round-robin events), the team has started to sporadically attend more Saturday tournaments. In 2008, the team attended multiple MSHSAA-style tournaments, including the Warrenton Warrior Classic and the William Woods Academic Tournament. Since then, an increasing number of MOQBA-certified events in the area has led to a South Callaway team slowly becoming more active in the local circuit, competing in a mixture of duals, MSHSAA-style events, and national-format events. It would appear that the 2013 Show-Me Conference tournament may have been the first nationals-format event that the high school team attended, with sporadic attendance at 20/20 events in subsequent years.

Significant Results

The team placed third in their division at the 2017 OMAR, bettering their eighth-place finish from the previous year's iteration. By winning the 2017 St. Elizabeth Invitational (MSHSAA format on NAQT questions), the team earned and accepted a bid to the SSNCT, where they went 4-5 in the Traditional Public division.


South Callaway has hosted several conference and regional dual matches as well as MSHSAA district tournaments. The school announced that it would host the pyramidal South Callaway Invitational in the 2019 spring season, but the event ended up being canceled.

Middle School/Elementary

South Callaway's middle school program has become more active recently, such as by competing in recent iterations of the winter middle school tournament at Tuscumbia. The team has also competed in pyramidal quad tournaments at Hallsville.

The 6th grade team, coached by Alex Dzurick, competed at the 2013 Tuscumbia Winter tournament in the elementary division, taking home third place (6-2 record) in their first-ever outing. The 6th graders also attended the Show-Me Conference-sponsored Knowledge Bowl for elementary teams where they took 5th place in the 6th grade division. At the 2013 Knowledge Bowl, South Callaway's 5th grade team took home 1st place under coach Leah Cave. Two teams of 6th graders competed at the 2013 Tuscumbia Spring tournament where they took 3rd and 5th places, amassing records of 4-3 and 3-4.